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Having started in Southampton, the Southern Doctor's Network expands to include doctors from Oxford and Wessex deaneries. 

Through this network, we support and act as advocates for our doctors; giving them the opportunity to support each other professionally and then, in turn, to extend this support to medical students.




We support and act as advocates for our Doctors.

To train staff about equality, diversity and inclusion

In keeping with the overarching aims of ACMA, collaborating with similarly aimed groups is what we strive to do. 


These groups have included BAME One Voice, DAUK, MANSANG and GADDA. These connections and collaborations will enable us to strive for equality for African Carribbean doctors within our NHS Trusts and develop the skills to train staff about equality, diversity and inclusion. 

What are we excited for?

Webinar Discussions and Education Series - varied topics in medicine, finance and sociology.

Collaborative events with student groups - e.g. ACMA Southampton, Nigerian Medical Society, Somali Students' Society etc. 

Collaborating with NHS Trust BAME groups - to develop ways of improving experiences of BME doctors and develop better quality EDI traing for it's staff.

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