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Welcome to ACMA. We are the African Caribbean Medical Association UK. 

We aim to increase the presence of African Caribbean medics at every stage of the healthcare profession. Our goal is to build a network of socially conscious clinicians who advocate for, promote and effect structural change in the UK.

We have several  groups made up of committees who have creative independence on the  events they host. Our groups run a variety of activities and provide a number of services. 


ACMA gave me the confidence to know I will be a great doctor.

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A network for black doctors and medical students.


We work to gain insight into the experiences of African Caribbean students and patients through SSC (Student Selected Component) projects or research projects in collaboration with other organisations


We help aspiring students with medical school applications (reviewing personal statements and offer interview practice). We also host Q&A career panels with practising doctors in different specialities and facilitate networking events.

Structural justice

in our Universities.

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Medical Education.

We provide bedside teaching by senior medical students and host doctor-led lecture series.

Reshaping Policies.

we campaign for structural justice in our universities, 

workplaces and communities.

How ACMA Works.

ACMA is made up of groups located at universities, Health Boards and deaneries across the UK. The national team (ACMA UK) co-ordinate and support these groups. Each ACMA group is affiliated to the ACMA UK charity and are responsible for activities at the local level whilst keeping the overarching aims of the wider ACMA UK organisation.

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